On the evening of September 16, 2021, the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam held a Webinar: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT – CORPORATE CULTURE IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. This is the second seminar in the series of outstanding events this September.

Attending the seminar, with the participation of Dr. Phung Van Dong – Director of AIT Vietnam; Dr. Do Tien Long, Chairman of OD Click Consulting, Organization and Strategy Development Specialist, Alumni of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT); with all staff, students, AIT Alumini.

At the beginning of the program, Dr. Phung Van Dong – Director of AIT Vietnam gave an introductory speech on the webinar’s topic, Strategic Management – Corporate Culture In The Age Of Digital Transformation.

This was followed by a speech by Dr. Do Tien Long, who gave us a further in-depth explanation on this subject. He shared valuable knowledge and experience on how to compete in the digital era; barriers of digital transformation such as cultural problems, outdated IT application systems, lack of digital skills, and lack of vision on digital transformation.

To successfully transform digitally, in addition to applying new technologies and business models, organizations need to focus on personal factors in general and corporate culture in particular to be able to manage change in the organization to function flexibly. Priorities must be established, taking into account short-term and long-term needs. Strategic management must be used to keep the organization ahead of technology. Other key points would be development associated with digital transformation, centering people’s needs, respecting cultural diversity as the premise for the sustainable development of the organization.

The discussion was the last part of the Webinar, AIT students introduced themselves, shared experiences, and strategic management goals in the digital transformation era. In addition, they posed sharp and complex questions that left thoughts for both the speaker and the participants of this conference

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