Value chain development and market linkage

The program was conducted in response to the call of the Lux-Development Support Team for the project VIE035 led by an International Project Implementation Advisor (IPIA/CTA) to build up capacity for Staff of Tuyen Quang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

This course aims at equipping basic knowledge about value chain and market linkage for senior staff of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tuyen Quang (Class I) and practioner-level of value chain, including director of the cooperative, value chain officers, specialists, experts working in the agricultural and rural development at district level, and farmers.

The courses were successfully completed. The overall score was 8.0 over 10. All participants satisfied with the training contents, delivery methods and experience from the trainer.

The participants (class I) reasoned they could apply right after the course to their current work, that they could do:

  • Planning for upgrading of value chain for agri-products of Tuyen Quang;
  • Working in team when doing planning;
  • Defining the priority for value chain, work to do, networking and/or activities for upgrading of the value chain;
  • Doing value chain upgrade via developing of linkage for lead firm.

If some investment became available, the participants (of Class 2 ) claimed that they wished to (a) extend the production area; (b) improve the product quality; and (c) build a website for advertising.

For more information about the course, please contact Ms. Tran Thi Hong Nhien, at her email:

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