Certificate Training Program on “Solid Waste Management”

Certificate Training Program on “Solid Waste Management” for the Engineers of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Since 1st November 2018, the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam has been organizing the 12-weeks Certificate Training program on Solid Waste Management for 05 officials from Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This certificate program takes place in 12 weeks and will finish on 1st February 2019.

The purpose of this training program is to provide knowledge of engineering principles and issues concerning solid waste management from generation, collection, transport, treatment, reuse/recycle, disposal and other management aspects such as: finance, society and institution. It aims to equip participants theoretical knowledge and practical applications to comprehend the complexity of the solid waste issues and tools for effective management. After completion, the participants are expected to have basic understanding of solid waste management (SWM); explain the needs for SWM on both technical and managerial aspects, identify the issues and problems of SWM in Vietnam and developing countries; characterize and quantify the municipal solid wastes from different sources; plan collection and transportation systems of municipal solid wastes; analyze waste collection routes with/without transfer station; design biological decomposition processes such as composting, anaerobic digestion, etc.; develop source separation plan and technologies; determine technical and management aspects of waste-to-energy processes for municipal waste management (MSW); determine technical and management aspects of sanitary landfill for municipal waste management; strategically evaluate and plan management systems of municipal solid wastes in Vietnam and developing countries while considering cost, benefit of stakeholders, environment and society.

The training program’s evaluation scheme are broken up into mini-test (20%) on 3rd week, mid-term exam (20%) on 7th week, groups and individual assignments (10%) and final project report with presentation (50%) at the end of the program. The AIT-VN will award certificate of successful attendance to those participants who attend all training days, actively participate in all program’s activities, field visits and complete the final intern report with good remarks evaluated by trainers.

It is designed on the platform of lecture, laboratory combined with field visit and delivered during 5 days per week from Monday to Friday. The lectures which are delivered by leading professors in leading projects and experiences in SWM  divided into 5 main topics ranging from Introduction to SWM and MSW concepts; SWM measures; Waste collection, transport and recycling; Treatment/disposal technologies and Financial, social and Institutional aspects. In order to provide the participants with practical approaches, lots of field visits have been carried out underlining on sharing experiences and exchanging ideas between Bangladesh participants with related agencies in Vietnam such as: Hanoi Construction Waste Treatment and Environment Investment Development JSC; Vietnam Environment Administration; Handcraft village to see plastic waste treatment in Nhu Quynh, Hung Yen province; Minh Quan Environmental Hygiene Services Company Limited, District: Ba Vi Branch; Bac Ninh Environmental Agency (Department of Natural Resources & Environment – DonRE); Hung Phat Urban Environmental Company – Bac Ninh province; Hai Phong Urban Environmental Company (HPURENCO) – Trang Cat SW treatment complex. The next other site visits would be conducted at Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex in Soc Son; Ung Hoa Waste Incineration Complex and Green Environment Production and Trade Services Co. Ltd in Hai Duong province, etc. By exchange viewpoints as well as raising all enquiries to experts in SWM in Vietnam, these visits gave them closer look into collection, transportation, treatment (reuse) of urban waste disposal with community participation in management and operation, process, the most updated technologies, SWM business, challenges and achievements in SWM together with policies and community support programs in management of waste in Vietnam.

The program is going to the end, all training activities included organization, management and thematic areas are widely appreciated by all participants. Throughout the program, Bangladesh officers can obtain the knowledge, experiences, interaction between theory and practice. With gained benefits from the program, all 05 participants are prepared for planning SWM for a typical city in Bangladesh (or part of city with population of more than 10,000 people) by assessing the solid waste generation (sources and components), estimating the generation for 20 years, making proposals for collection, transportation, treatment, related EIA, suitable policy/ regulation recommendation for the case studies. Overall, the objectives and expectation of the program are met so far.

For further information related to the course, please contact:

Ms. Kieu Ly – Development Officer 

Overseas Training & Development Division

Tel: +84.24 37669493 (ext.131)/ Cell: +84. 904 05 36 55

Email: kieuly@aitcv.ac.vn


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