AIT and FECON reviewing the collaboration during 2012-2018

On 21 December 2018, AIT in Vietnam and FECON held a meeting to review the collaboration during 2012-2018. The meeting took place at the FECON conference room, at 14th floor, CEO building, Pham Hung street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Participated in the meeting were the representatives of FECON Vietnam like the chairman of FECON – Mr. Pham Viet Khoa, the Vice CEO Dr. Le Quang Hanh, the heads of FECON departments and the FECON AIT Alumni. Representatives of AIT-VN were the director – Dr. Fredric William Swierczek, Dr. Pham Huy Giao – AIT Professor, PEM-GEM Program Coordinator, Ms. Pham Thi Thu Hoai – HR Specialist and Ms. Hai Anh – GEM program assistant.

Both sides reviewed the results reached in the past seven collaboration years in the capacity building program for the core engineering team of FECON. Dr. Hanh emphasized concretely FECON staff were increased their English capacity after attending the professional master program. Their capabilities in critical thinking, problem solving and logical thinking have been enlarged. They also can apply the new knowledge in geographic in their daily jobs. Mr. Khoa – the FECON chairman – also affirmed the result of 24 graduated students per 30 expected students is qualified for FECON. He has been very confident on this program because it was designed according to practical orientation. He expects his staff could get the passion and vision to apply the knowledge in their working duties. FECON will consider and generate the special program/activities to encourage the sharing of knowledge among FECON staff and in the international/local workshops. FECON also expects Dr. Giao and AIT-VN team continuing to consult FECON in human resource development. Especially, the next trend of construction sector will be underground and off-shore construction. These sectors aren’t fulfilled by Vietnam and FECON. FECON hopes to receive the approach methodology recommended by AIT in these sectors.FECON is going to establish the AIT Alumni forum in FECON leaded by Mr. Nam – 1st Batch graduated.” said Dr. Khoa clearly when he finished his speech section.

As the trend development of Vietnam and achievement of FECON through years, Dr. Fred recommended the professional competencies should be developed in FECON like excellent project management, joint venture with international partners. Besides, FECON can develop other competencies to implement the mega projects like: project management, organization development, climate change and renewable energy, construction 4.0, social safeguard for the construction projects.

Mr. Khoa concluded that the next opportunities between AIT, AIT-VN and FECON would be:
– AIT will support the researches of graduated students to be published in international journals.
– FECON encourages their staff to peruse the PhD program for the ones have the potential to do.
– AIT-VN & FECON will explore the next training program focusing on Project Management, Social and Environment Safeguard and other professional behavior training courses in 2019.

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