The meeting between Namcong and AIT Vietnam


Training and enhancing specialized knowledge and management skills for the employees, especially the key persons is always one of priorities of Namcong Engineering Corporation. Upon a period of thorough study, Namcong chose Vietnam Asian Institute of Technology due to its reputation on geotechnological engineering and management across the country and around the world. On September 08th, 2017 at 13h30, Namcong held a meeting with Vietnam Asian Institute of Technology in respect of cooperation in training Namcong’s engineering team.

Representatives from AIT Vietnam is Ph.D, Associate Professor Pham Huy Giao, one of the most experienced lecturers of AIT and 2 assistants. Namcong Representatives include Mr. Ky Minh Khuong, Geral Director, managers of technical and engineering departments and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Quynh, Vice Manager of HRA Department, who is in charge of communication between the two parties.

AIT Vietnam is an international education organization established in 1993 in accordance with an agreement between Vietnam Government (Ministry of Education and Training) and Asian Institute of  Technology based in Thailand. AIT Vietnam provides a wide range of training courses for potential experts and leaders. Besides, AIT organizes tours which are combined with training and study course in several countries in the world such as Thailand, China, Singapore, Australia, America and Europe, etc.

In the meeting, Ph.D, Associate Professor Pham Huy Giao took an overview about the Professional Master of Engineering, Geotechnological Engineering and Management (PME-GEM) which focuses on solving geotechnological problems that construction companies may encounter during the construction process, particularly for the projects to be built in Red River and Mekong River Delta, Can Tho Province, etc.

Ph.D, Associate Professor Pham Huy Giao also introduced very clearly about the training program, lecturers and key requirements for learners. Namcong’s representatives raised their questions in respect of the program as well as the way of cooperation between the two parties and received the specific answers from the AIT Vietnam’s representatives.

In the end of the meeting, the two parties took photos of their initial partnership and promised to shortly contact to register such very useful course for the Company key persons.

With a truly proper investment in technological innovation, materials, equipment and personnel quality enhancement, Namcong Engineering Corporation is self confident to accomplish all targets set out in the beginning of the year.


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