AIT Vietnam is the first and only center outside
of Thailand.

AIT – Asian Institute of Technology is a
postgraduate training institution headquartered in Thailand, established in
1959 by the Governments of UK, USA, France, Australia, and New Zealand with the
aim of training high quality human resources for Asia.

After “Doi Moi” 1986, Vietnam expanded its
international policies and exchange with foreign countries, since then the
Thai-Vietnamese diplomatic relations have become a strategic partnership,
promoting mutual development.

In 1993, the Government of Vietnam and AIT
signed an agreement establishing the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam
(AIT Vietnam), with the mission of being a gateway for technological transfer
and development of high-quality graduates for Vietnam.

In the beginning, AIT Vietnam was headquartered
at 21 Le Thanh Tong Street, Hanoi. In 2009, it moved to House B3, University of
Transport, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi. From 2021, AIT Vietnam relocated its
headquarters to the 3rd Floor of the DETECH Building, My Dinh II Ward, Nam Tu
Liem District, Hanoi.

Currently the Institute is organizing
professional master’s and master’s programs in fields such as Data Science and
Artificial Intelligence, Project Management in Construction, Business Analytics
and Digital Transformation, and International Executive Business
Administration. Special training programs such as the international associate
bachelor and master program (Unified Program) and the two-stage PhD program
(first phase at AIT Vietnam, later phase at AIT Thailand). Besides the
Institute also organizes short-term training programs to improve capacity,
implementation of projects (domestic and international), and research and
technology transfer.

After nearly 30 years of establishment AIT has
trained more than 4,100 masters and doctorates and more than 30,000 experts for
Vietnam since its inception. Many Vietnamese alumni are now business owners,
researchers, and respected Presidents and lecturers at universities.

By 2017, there were 7 AIT alumni holding the
positions of ministers, deputy ministers and members of the National Assembly. As
well many alumni holding company positions such as President, Vice President,
CEO, Deputy General Director and among others.

AIT Vietnam has 2 main offices one in Hanoi and
the other in Ho Chi Minh City. The Institute’s consulting and training
activities are carried out in most of the 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam, to
effectively contribute to the development of qualified and high-quality human
resources. AIT training-research tours are organized domestically and in
various countries around the world, including Thailand, Japan, China,
Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Laos, Australia, New
Zealand, USA, and Europe.

Since AIT’s beginning days in 1993 as the first
international training institution in Vietnam, it has operated with the mission
of developing highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a
leading role in the sustainable development of Vietnam and its integration into
the global economy.

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