Project 89 – Opportunities for university lecturer to get Ph.D Degree at AIT Vietnam

On January 18, 2019, the Prime Minister issued Decision 89 approving the Project “Enhancing competencies of lecturers and administrators of higher education institutions meeting requirements for radical changes in education and training during the period of 2019 – 2030” (Project 89). The Project aims to train lecturers with doctorate qualifications for universities.

Project 89 aims to train lecturers with doctorate qualifications for universities

Training 7,300 PhDs with the State budget

To continue Project 322 and Project 911, the Government approved Project 89 with the goal of training 7,300 PhDs, being a source of high-quality lecturers for universities, meeting the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education and training in the period of 2019 – 2030.

Project 89 opens up great opportunities for lecturers who want to study for a PhD, with state funding and flexible training options. Some key information related to project 89 is summarized by AIT Vietnam as follows:

  • Time:
    • From 2019 to 2030
  • Forms of training
    •  Full-time training in Vietnam;
    •  Full-time training abroad;
    •  Full-time training in the form of a partnership between a Vietnamese training institution and a foreign training institution.
  • Specialization in doctoral training:
    • All majors according to the needs of improving the professional qualifications of the lecturers of higher education institutions and the strategy of developing highly qualified human resources of the country in the period from now to 2030;
  • Subjects and conditions
    •  Lecturers and those who aspire to become lecturers of higher education institutions in the country, meet the eligibility requirements according to the enrollment regulations
    • Age under 40 as of the date of application registration
    •  Committed to returning to work at a Vietnamese higher education institution after graduation.
  • Inquiry with the training institution
    As a higher education institution, a research institute is allowed to organize training and award degrees at the doctoral level, has experience and reputation in training, scientific research and international cooperation, in which:

    • Vietnamese training institutions: There must be at least 05 graduate students who have obtained a degree in the registered discipline.
    • Overseas training institutions: There are training majors in the top 500 in the rankings by prestigious industry groups and training fields in the world.

Opportunity to receive PhD scholarships under Project 89 at AIT/ AIT Vietnam

AIT Vietnam in Hanoi

The Asian Institute of Technology is a postgraduate training institution established in 1959 by the governments of the UK, USA, France and Australia. New Zealand…with the aim of training high quality human resources for Asia. In 1993, AIT Vietnam was established under an agreement between the Government of Vietnam and AIT. We are proud to be the first international education unit in Vietnam with training programs that are highly ranked in the region and around the world.

The Asian Institute of Technology has 3 affiliated schools, namely School of Management (SOM), School of Engineering & Technology (SET) and School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), with a variety of training majors at both Master’s and Doctoral levels. In particular, according to QS Rankings – a prestigious and influential ranking in the world, the majors at AIT’s affiliated schools are in the top 500 leading training institutions.

AIT Vietnam located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with modern facilities, meeting the teaching requirements and maximum serving the learning and research needs of students. As of 2021, AIT Vietnam has trained more than 4,100 international masters and doctorates, with many alumni currently holding important positions in the government, state corporations and large enterprises. .

With nearly 30 years of experience in training international masters and doctors in Vietnam, AIT Vietnam always tries its best to bring training programs and consulting services, technology transfer with the highest standards. , in order to foster high-quality human resources, ready for the 4.0 technology revolution of Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Meeting all the prescribed conditions of an international training institution, AIT is proud to be one of the prestigious and long-standing training organizations, a perfect choice for lecturers to follow  AIT’s doctoral training program to receive a scholarship under Project 89 of the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition to the 89 scholarships granted by the Government of Vietnam, the PhD programs at AIT also receive many attractive incentives for students, in order to create optimal conditions to help students during their studies to complete the program effectively in the shortest possible time.

For more detailed information and instructions for participating in Project 89, please contact:

AIT Vietnam

Email :

Hotline : 08 89 89 22 89

Thank you very much for your interest!

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