Opening Ceremony of the Professional Master of Project Management in Construction – Intake2021

On September 23rd, the Opening Ceremony of the Professional Master of Project Management in Construction program took place by Zoom.

People who attended the ceremony included:

  • Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal – Vice President of Academic Affairs,
  • Dr. Phung Van Dong – Director of AIT Vietnam,
  • Prof. B.H.W.Hadikusumo – MPM Coordinator,
  • MPM Lecturers – Dr. Chotchai Charoenngam and Dr. Sakul Pochanart,
  • AITCV functional departments, and our MPM Alumni.

At the beginning of the program, Dr. Phung Van Dong – Director of AIT Vietnam gave a congratulatory speech to the students, as well as briefly introduced about AIT Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal shared: “This is not an easy time, Covid pandemic in Vietnam, Thailand and in the world now. AIT tries to provide the best education for all students, maintaining our quality by Hybrid Mode. In-class and remote students can study at the same time. This Covid is not good, but creates many opportunities, the flexible methods to students who can join class at home by Hybrid. My request to all students is that please be proactive in your learning, because this time is covid time, this is a learning experience for you and for our faculty. I hope you put your effort in your study, our faculty willing to help you in your study”

After that, MPM Coordinator – Prof.Hadikusumo gave an introduction about the MPM Program. Dr. Chotchai and Dr. Sakul shared their experiences, and gave a greeting speech to new students.

Mr. Hoang Thanh Ha, MPM Alumni President, who spoke on behalf of newly admitted students: “ On behalf of MPM Alumni, we all have the right to be proud of our admission to a MPM with a long-standing tradition and a team of faculty with excellent expertise and experience. We will live, study, and research freely, reach new milestones on the learning journey, have interesting experiences on the academic path, because it is the “path” that matters, not its destination”.

Mr. Ho Dang Duy Phuc and Mr. Le Hieu Hong Phuc – MPM14 Intake 2020 shared their experiences, wish all new students the best.

After that, all the students of the MPM Intake 21 introduced themselves, as well as shared their experiences and goals during their time studying and researching at AIT, with an open, friendly atmosphere and a spirit of determination to conquer new heights of knowledge.

MPM always attaches importance to revising and adjusting course outlines. AIT lecturers paid great attention to adopting the latest knowledge to the study programs so that their students can meet the demands of society. The quality of graduate training is increasingly confirmed when our MPM Alumni are in key positions in organizations, both national and international.

*Life is all about new opportunities and the chances it has to offer. Never let go of opportunities and be afraid of taking new chances. All the best wishes.*

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