Opening Ceremony Chief Digital Office Program – (Mini CDO)

On the evening of Sunday, September 26, 2021, the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam opened the training course “Chief Digital Office Program” – Mini CDO” with more than 20 students. This is a special training course for students who are studying long-term programs (Academic) at AIT Vietnam.

The digital age has had profound impacts on every profession and business in society. Many occupations were replaced by machines, but at the same time, many new professions were born. To survive in a rapidly changing ecosystem, each organization needs a digital strategy (including business model, business architecture, information technology, security, social culture, etc.).  One strategy is to often take things slowly, trying to make everything perfect (and rock solidly stable) but this will result in an overly late response. The other is to find quick solutions (but not cover all bases). Both extremes are recipes for disaster.

To proactively respond to opportunities and fluctuations, AIT Vietnam has developed a series of courses “Director of Digital Transformation – CDO”, to train a team of “Commanders” – leading the digital transformation in companies across Vietnam and globally.

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