Mr. Nguyen Duy Giang – A young dedicated leader

PV Power, one subsidiary of Petro Vietnam, has been acting as one of the key players in the Vietnamese power industry. This is one of the five major fields which Petro Vietnam wishes to develop. Despite the difficulty in the oil and gas sector in 2015, PV Power sucessfully fulfilled all the assigned missions and targets in its business operation. The achievements included the fulfillment of power production target 33 days in advance with total output estimated at 21.123 billion kWh, increasing by 9% of the planned output (equivalent to 19.3 billion kWh) in 2015 and by 32% of that in 2014. Beside that, all the targets in revenue, profit, return on equity, return on chartered capital, capital adequacy ratio, etc. increased at the highest level ever.

Since its establishment, PV Power has advocated great efforts to regular trainings in different professional areas, English and capacity building for potential executives in the future. 5,471 participants have been provided with a variety of training (averagely one staff receives 2.35 training sessions per annum) with the total budget equivalent to 15 billion Vietnamese dongs. Espeically, the International Executive MBA (iEMBA) of the Asian Institute of Technology has cooperated closely with PV Power to equip necessary knowledge and skills for middle-level and high-level managment to cope with the changes from the globalization and international integration.

As the Vice President of PV Power, Nguyen Duy Giang is responsible for investment projects owned by the Corporation, strategic development, development master plan, acceleration strategy of PV Power and its subsidiaries. With strategic and critical thinking acumen, Giang has been in coordination with the Board of Management, leading the operation of PV Power in the right orientation of Petro Vietnam and driving the organization to gradually step out from initial entry difficulties to the Vietnamese power market. Successful thermal Power Plan projects including Nhon Trach, Ca Mau, Long Phu, Song Hau were under his transformational and charismatic leadership from contract negotiation phase to signing phase of EPC contract and official operation phase.

Over the last 10 years, Giang has been awarded ”The Emulator of the Year” at both corporate level and ministerial level. Honorly, in 2013, he received the commendation from the Prime Minister. In 2015, the award of ”The most Outstanding Leader of Petro Vietnam” was given to Giang. His shinning example of continous efforts in learning valuable business lessons in the world, deep enthusiam and endless inspiration in innovation plays the role in transforming a state-owned enterprise to become a confident player in terms of technological development level not only in the region but also in the globe./.

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