Green Office AIT-VN certification (GO AIT-VN) & AIT-VN’s support in 2018-2019

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                                       GREEN OFFICE AIT-VN CERTIFICATION (GO AIT-VN) AND AIT-VN’S SUPPORT IN 2018 – 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                                Hanoi, 13th November 2018

To: Valued Partners and Customers,

Due to outstanding achievements in GHG emissions reduction and our commitment to upscale and mainstream Green Office Lifestyles nationwide within the state agencies, enterprise, international and local organizations and universities/schools, the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT-VN) are delighted to announce the issuance of Green Office AIT-VN Certification (GO AIT-VN).  (The application form can be downloaded HERE)“The application of the GO AIT-VN will allow organizations and enterprises in Vietnam to make a shift towards sustainability and will enhance their recognition to the public”, said Dr. Fredric Williams Swierczek, Director of AIT-VN.

We are pleased to send hereby the GO AIT-VN certification procedure (please click here) to those organizations (any type) who are interested in GO AIT-VN certification. In 2019, AIT-VN commits to support existing GOs (certified in November 2018) and those newly applying GOs in (1) GO assessment and certification for the new organization, (2) GO second assessment and re-certification for existing GOs.

Besides the support (1) and (2) as above, AIT-VN is pleased to extend its technical assistance to the organizations who are maintaining GOs and need more support.

Over the last year, AIT-VN has successfully established a network of Green Office AIT-VN and a pool of GO trainers and auditors across Vietnam. Their expertise would be valuable to support GO programs at any organizations that apply for GO AIT-VN.


Dr. Fredric Williams Swierczek

Director of AIT-VN (signed)


For the GO AIT-VN Certification, please contact:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhung

Program/Networking Officer

Email: | Tel: 024 3766 9493 – ext 138

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