AIT master programs in Vietnam: From Students’ perspective

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is one of the leading graduate schools in Asian – Pacific Ocean region.

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The institute is renowned for its top-tier masters’ programs in technology and management with internationally recognized degrees. AIT has been educating over 3000 Vietnamese masters and doctors who are holding key positions in prestigious organizations in Vietnam.

To understand more about AITVN’s programs, we interviewed Mr. Le Quang Dung, Director of Soc Trang Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company, who is one of AIT alumni in Can Tho.

Mr. Dung, please tell us your comments on master programs of AIT?

I think that AIT programs are highly practical and can be applied in my work because lecturers  always updated international and national circumstances to lessons. Lectures were not much theoretical but focused on real situations. We usually worked and had discussion in groups to solve problems in our assignments. All of lectures were carried out in English so our English proficiency has been significantly improved. Moreover, because AITVN also offered us free English classes before and during the main course, now we have better language skills and can communicate with foreign partners confidently. Additionally, our classes were organized in evenings and at the weekends, which is very suitable for working students like me.

What do you think about the study environment there?

I studied at AITVN Can Tho which is located on the ground floor of Learning Resources Center – Can Tho Univeristy. Thus, we were motivated by the highly academic learning environment and enjoyed the comforts of the well-equipped classroom and fully prepared materials

 What do you think of AIT lecturers?

I have to say that AIT has a team of highly qualified lecturers who are 100% professors, doctors and experts from AIT, wel-lknown universities on the world such as: Tokyo University( Japan), Bremen University ( Germany), Chulalonkong University ( Thailand)… specializing in construction project mangement, real estates, infrastructure and petroleum.  They are very professional, enthuastic and always study and update the actual contexts in Vietnam to apply to the lessons and inspire students to study.

Why did you decide to study at AIT?

A lot of my friends studied and graduated from AIT and told me that MPM is very interesting and practical. I double checked with some of my partners  and knew that AIT’s programs is highly evaluated. As far as I know, There is nearly 100 lecturers of Can Tho university who are AIT alumni. Especially, the network of MPM is very large and strong, so everybody can easily support and help one another  in their work and their life very much. That is the reason why I decided to study this MPM program at AITVN Can Tho. After I completed my course and graduated from AIT, I am very satisfied with the teaching quality and learning conditions there.

Hence, I will recommend this program to my colleagues and my friends so that they can study here. Beside MPM, AITVN Can Tho has some other master programs like :  iEMBA, PMUM , IEMHM…

Thank you for spending time to share information with us.

Contact information:

AITVN in Can Tho: Learning Resource center, Can Tho University

TEL: 0292-3815 523 – Fax: 0292-3817 860

• Ms. Trang – Mobile: 0932809489, email:




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