A half-day Workshop on “National Housing Policy of Vietnam”

On 13th March 2018, a Workshop  on “National Housing Policy of Vietnam” was successfully held by Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam for 06 officers from Ministry of Housing and Public Works, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The workshop focused on policies of housing in Vietnam, a panorama of the country housing and urbanization development, the legislation process, the challenges in strategy implementation to 2020 and the vision to 2030. Through the lectures, several important and applicable to Bangladesh have been learnt, for example the issues related to social housing, long-term ownership and time-limited ownership. The Workshop was conducted in the form of interactive discussion and exchange of experiences in both countries. The guest speaker and lecturer, Dr. Do Tu Lan has brought her long term experiences working in the same field of study.

Despite of short-time participation, all participants highly appreciated and expressed their interest in what the lecturer shared in the field of housing policies due to it is applicability to the situation of Bangladesh. The quality of training and the services provided were evaluated as excellent to the organizer.

For further information related to the course, please contact: Ms. Kieu Ly – Development Officer, Overseas Training Division, Cell: +84. 9 04 05 36 55, Email: kieuly@aitcv.ac.vn.

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