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According to Decision No. 89/QD-TTg dated January 18, 2019 of the Prime Minister promulgating the Project to improve the capacity of lecturers and managers of higher education institutions to meet innovation requirements. basic and comprehensive education and training for the period 2019 – 2030 (hereinafter abbreviated as Project 89). In addition to the full scholarship granted by the Government, students will receive an extremely attractive additional support of more than $12,000 (~270,000,000 VND) when registering to study at AIT, this is an extremely valuable scholarship for students. students who need PhD training and it only lasts until 2030.

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I/ Benefits of scholarship 89 recipients at AIT:

Scholarship section Amount of scholarship support (USD)
Tuition + accommodation and travel expenses Fully supported by the government
FREE English entry course worth 1000 USD
Monthly living allowance (3 YEARS) 240 USD/month
Participating in international conferences and events (including: travel fees and other surcharges) 2000 USD (for 2 participations)
Admission support (when arriving in Bangkok, Thailand) 500 USD
Total scholarship support Full cost + 272,000,000 VND (12,140 USD)
  1. Receive scholarships and training costs corresponding to the level and form of training for which you have applied and been admitted within the time specified in Clause 4, Article 4 of the Circular.
  2. Enjoy the benefits specified in the Regulations on management of Vietnamese citizens studying abroad of the Minister of Education and Training when sent for training abroad.
  3. Lecturers of public higher education institutions enjoy additional benefits according to Government regulations on training and fostering cadres, civil servants and public employees.
  4. Lecturers of non-public higher education institutions are entitled to additional benefits (if any) according to the agreement between the person sent for training and the sending institution.

II/ Subjects considered for scholarship 89:

1. Doctoral level:

a) University lecturer
b) People who are studying a doctoral training program at home or abroad or a joint doctoral training program between a domestic educational institution and a foreign educational institution but are not beneficiaries of the Project to train lecturers with doctoral degrees for universities and colleges in the period 2010 – 2020 according to Decision No. 911/QDTTg dated June 17, 2010 of the Prime Minister. become a lecturer at a higher education institution in Vietnam.

See the official document of the Vietnamese government about Scholarship 89 (Project 89) HERE

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