Celebrating 30-year journey of establishment and development

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Asian Institute of Technology Centre in Vietnam (AITCV, often known as AIT Vietnam) was established in 1993 upon the request by the Government of Vietnam. AITCV became the first and only multi-governmental international training organization in Vietnam at that time, carrying out the mission as an international gateway for technology transfer, supporting the development of Vietnam in particular and the development of Southeast Asia in general through education, training and graduate outreach services.

After a journey of 30 years in Vietnam, AIT is proud to have been contributing to the development of high-quality human resources for Vietnam and the region. Until now, AIT itself and through AITCV has successfully trained nearly 4,200 PhDs and Masters, and is continuing to provide training programs taught 100% in English in the field of Management. Business, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Smart Cities Management. In recent years, AITCV has also participated in organizing and teaching more than 200 different short courses in 20 trendy areas.

In 2023, AITCV marks the 30th anniversary of its establishment with many proud achievements. Upholding the core values ​​of DRIVE - Diversity, Responsibility, Innovation, Vast Community and Excellence, AITCV aims towards the goal of becoming a prestigious international education and training center on technology transfer, for the sustainable development of Vietnam and the region.

The journey of establishment and development of AITCV through historical witnesses

Part 1: AITCV in early years of establishment
Part 2: Contributions of AIT and AITCV in the journey of 30 years of development

Series of commemorative events and activities

AITCV's 30th Anniversary Ceremony
On May 27, 2023 in Hanoi, the Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam (AITCV) celebrated its 30th anniversary, marking an important milestone in the development journey.
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Alumni Gathering 2023
On March 25, at Hoang Long Resort, Hanoi, the AIT Alumni Gathering event in the North and Extended 2023 (AIT Alumni Gathering 2023) took place. The event includes sports activities (Golf, Tennis, Jogging), team building and Gala Dinner to improve team spirit, help AIT alumni and AITCV staff to engage and bond.
Alumni Field Trip to AIT
From February 16 to 19, 2023, AITCV’s staff and more than 50 AIT Alumni in Vietnam had a visit and work at AIT (Thailand). This was a trip that aims to bring AITCV alumni and staff – who have been dedicating youth, trust and love for AIT – closer to this proud training institute.
The Inauguration of Tak Po School
On the morning of December 24, 2022, AITCV participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the Tak Po school site which was solemnly held in village 1, Tra Tap commune, Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam as a Sponsor.
The publication of Logo AIT30
Logo AIT30 has appeared alongside the familiar AITCV logo in media publications and events in the campaign to celebrate 30 years of establishment and development of AITCV.
The “Toward 30th AITCV Anniversary ” campaign kick off
On May 30, 2022, Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam (AITCV) organized the Gala Dinner to celebrate the 29th anniversary at Grand Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. In this special occasion, to start a new chapter in the journey, AITCV kicked off the “Toward 30th AITCV Anniversary” campaign with promising messages and activities.


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