Introduction to ESG

ESG has a huge impact on businesses. If a business has good ESG and is highly ranked, it has the ability to access more opportunities in terms of capital, investors,…
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The concept of “ESG” – short for Environment, Society and Governance – first appeared in the 1950s and first appeared in a United Nations report called “Who cares wins” in 2003. In recent years, ESG has become increasingly important for organizations that want to develop sustainably in a constantly changing world. However, ESG should not be seen as a “hot trend” or temporary, but should be seen as a long-term strategy, a journey that requires change from the smallest things.

In fact, ESG has a huge impact on businesses. If a business has good ESG and is highly ranked, it will be able to access more opportunities in terms of capital, investors, and competitive advantage in the world. market.

Specifically, businesses practicing ESG can gain the following advantages:

  • Increase attractiveness in the eyes of investors: Thanks to ESG, investors get a comprehensive view of businesses’ business operations without just relying on traditional financial indicators. From there, businesses with ESG strategies that contribute to solving global issues of environment, society, governance and creating long-term value will be trusted to choose.
  • Enhance business reputation: Increase goodwill of customers, employees and stakeholders. Consumers are increasingly interested in products and services created by sustainable development models.
  • Reduce legal, financial, reputational and security risks: Implementing an annual report on ESG practices helps businesses comply with information disclosure regulations, while also demonstrating the business’s responsibility to stakeholders, including investors, customers, and partners. cooperation, and community
  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and save resources
  • Exploit new opportunities in markets, products and services
  • Positive contributions to society and the environment

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Ngày 1: An overview of ESG in Vietnam

Vietnamese instructors - brings the most thorough insight about ESG in Vietnam

  • Main sustainability trends in Vietnam and around the world
  • The concept of ESG and the need for ESG practices
  • Difficulties, challenges, and opportunities for businesses when practicing ESG
  • Recommendations for integrating ESG practices into business operations
  • Building an ESG journey in your business
  • Implementation contents E,S,G
  • ESG practice exercises (applied to businesses)

Ngày 2:  Sustainable business management

International Instructor (with interpreters)

Sustainable corporate governance, fair practices and government relations

  • Economic aspects of sustainable development
  • Administration issues
  • Principles of good governance, sustainable governance
  • Healthy competition

Risk management in the enterprise supply chain

  • Analyze main types of risks in the supply chain
  • Analyze the environmental and social impacts of members in the supply chain
  • Develop action plans, change behavior and awareness of social responsibility issues

Human resource management principles with integrated ESG

  • International labor standards
  • Practice fairness in labor

(*) Training content will be further adjusted to suit the target of students

Training methods

The course is implemented based on learner-centered interaction. Instructors share knowledge and act as coordinators in the course. Students participate in discussions and learn through case studies.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee: 350 USD/ student



Expected time:

Ha Noi: 05-06/04/2024.

Tp. Ho Chi Minh: 29-30/06/2024

The staff lecturers

The teaching staff at AIT Vietnam consists of experts with many years of experience, currently holding leadership positions in international organizations, large enterprises or global consulting organizations. This gives students multi-dimensional perspectives from business philosophy in an international, multicultural environment to practical experience in Vietnam.
Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nam
Senior Advisor on Environment and Sustainability
Instructor, ESG
Dr. David Galipeau
Senior Advisor on Green Transformation, Environment and Society
Instructor, ESG
Ms. Nguyen Minh Hue
Senior Expert on Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Instructor, ESG
Dr. Faiz H. Shah
Senior Expert on Strategic Managemnt for Public Areas, Government and Organizations
Instructor, ESG


Ms. Phung Ngoc Khanh

M: (+84) 911 945 888; E:

Ha Noi: 3rd Floor, DETECH Building, No.8 Ton That Thuyet Str., My Dinh II Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tp. Ho Chi Minh: FCC Building, 6th Floor, 45 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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