nternational Unified Bachelor’s – Master’s Degree Program

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The Bachelor’s Degree will be awarded by Partner University while the Master’s Degree will be awarded by AIT.

This accelerated program links AIT to partner universities, allowing students to earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in minimum of 5 years! The curriculum structure of the 2-year master program is designed in order for students to get a chance to complete it in 1.5 years.

Partner University’s sound foundation and challenging undergraduate offerings combined with AIT’s emphasis on research and innovation for social impact and international exposure.

The program is also open for bachelor students from non-partner (special cases) up to 4th year to apply for lateral entry/admission and join the master program in AIT

Why this program?

  • Save Time and Cost
  • Two Degrees in Global Environment from Reputed Premier Institutions
  • Become a research-oriented and innovative student
  • International exposure to diversified areas of excellence
  • Interaction with world class faculty and international students
  • Association with Partner University and AIT’s reputed and widely-known brand name
  • A doorway to facilitate higher studies/ international jobs
  • Economical compared to other available alternatives
  • Prepare graduates for professional success and leadership roles in Asia and beyond
  • Travel easily – by yourself and your parents
  • Better equipped to practice good governance


Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto

President, Asian Institute of Technology

International Unified Bachelor Masters ProgramsStudents earn two degrees – Bachelor from Partner University and Master from AIT in this ‘fast-track’ and ‘economical’ collaborative program using summer holidays in the study program as Intersemester. Students also have an opportunity to work on a Bachelor Degree Project in AIT. Students have various options – Minor in addition to Major Specialization and International Internship option to make the joint degree professionally more rewarding.

Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi

Director for Special Degree Programs

Professor in Remote Sensing & GIS,

School of Engineering and Technology (SET)

We produce global leaders in technologies … In the times of rapid advancement of technologies, industries wish global reach and innovations and look to recruit Leaders of technologies. Bachelor Degree alone is not sufficient. Integrated Bachelor-Masters program is evolved to fulfill this need and aims at developing global leader in technologies who have two degrees in hand at the time of their graduation in 5 years: Bachelor and Masters.

Students will have sound foundation from Undergraduate Degree from a reputed institute and cutting edge research oriented Masters Degree from Asian Institute of Technology having 60 years of experience in Postgraduate Degrees. Students are nurtured and polished by faculty members from 30+ countries and inculcate new wisdom in the company of students coming from 40+ countries in a truly international environment of a research institute.



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