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Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT Vietnam) was established in 1993 following the agreement between the Vietnamese Government and AIT, the first ever international education unit in Vietnam with training programs that is highly ranked in the local region and among the globe.

After 30 years of training, AIT Vietnam has trained more than 4.200 doctors and masters and more than 30.000 experts in more than 32 fields and majorities. Many alumni are holding the positions of ministers, deputy ministers, and members of the National Assembly, as well as other important positions such as president, CEO, and Deputy General Director… of large enterprises in Vietnam.

AIT Vietnam is committed to providing training programs with international quality, focusing on technology/technology-based fields such as: Digital Transformation and Business Administration, Science, Engineering and Technology, Environment and Development… especially programs on Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, BIM, Logistic and Sustainable Development.

The long experience in training, combined with a deep understanding of the legal, economic, political environment, social and cultural trends gives AIT Vietnam advantages and outstanding values ​​compared to any other international educational institution in Vietnam.

"AIT Vietnam strives to become the leading international institute in Vietnam and in the region, providing training programs, consulting services and technology transfer with the highest standards, in order to foster high-quality human resources for the 4.0 industrial revolution"
Dr. Phung Van Dong - Executive Director of AIT Vietnam

Facts and Figures

Students from 48 countries
Boards of member from 18 countries
Finished and ongoing projects
World-class faculty from 28 countries

AIT Vietnam brings training courses with standard values


  1. Expand and diverse learning programs
  2. Enhance and diverse educational and training services
  3. Push research services and technology transfer


AIT Vietnam strives to continue being a leading educational and research institution, driving sustainable development, technological advancements, and fostering innovation in Vietnam and the region, contribute to Vietnam’s Integration and Industry 4.0


AIT Vietnam will serve as an international gateway for technology transfer, contributing to Vietnam’s individual and collective national development through educational services, training, and outreach to the post-graduate community.


AIT Vietnam is oriented to become a campus of the University of AIT in Vietnam.


Professional knowledge, rich experience

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto
President of Asian Institute of Technology
Dr. Roger Levermore
Vice President for Development (VPD), Dean (SOM)
Prof. Sangam Shrestha
Dean (SET), Professor
Dr Phung Van Dong
Director of Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam
Dr. Roger Levermore
Dean and Faculty Director of PM-ESG program
Prof. Christian Brockman
Instructor, MPM
Dr. Chotchai Charoenngam
Instructor, MPM
Prof. Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo
Instructor, MPM
Prof. Dieter Trau
Dean, Director
Prof. P. Abdul Salam
Dean (SERD), Professor

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