Get Green Vietnam Project

AIT in Vietnam: Senior staff involvement in technical implementation, with a focus on co-creation approaches with food/ agro-related consumption issues, technical and socio-economic issues of sustainable consumption. Responsible for all training and capacity building activities in the project.

  • Dr. Fredric William Swierczek  –  Project Director
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Hoa – Project Coordinator (AITCV)

The project aims at contributing to an increased share of sustainable consumption by Vietnamese consumers in general. To achieve this, the project aims at increasing the capacity of consumer organizations and government in enabling and supporting consumers to move towards more sustainable consumption behavior.

Get Green Vietnam has as specific objectives:

  • Improved opportunities to shift consumption choices of 10 selected test groups of households and office workforces towards more sustainable behavior.
  • Replicate the tested approaches for transition towards more sustainable consumption to a large group of household consumers and office workers in Vietnam divided in 50 ‘Get Green VN’ Groups – meaning improved availability of well over 1000 Vietnamese consumers as change agents for the transition towards sustainable consumption.
  • Increased linkage of green supply side to emerging sustainable consumption patterns

Target Groups: Direct target group of consumers groups in Vietnam based on either their living or their working situation. Indirect target group: consumer organizations like VINASTAS, CUTS, MUTRAP, VACOD and additional NGOs such as WWF, SNV, IGES, SIDA


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