AITCV participates in the digital transformation training for SMEs

The training program is aimed at SMEs in the fields of local strengths, thereby contributing to shortening the gap in digital transformation implementation among provinces to create opportunities and equality under the motto “no one left behind” in the digital transformation process.

Organization Board and Instructors

On July 5, in Dong Thap province, AITCV participated in a training session with the theme “Digital Transformation of SMEs in the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.”

The program is jointly organized by the Department of Business Development under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap Province. The event is part of a series of training activities to support small and medium-sized enterprises in localities in July 2023 within the framework of the Vietnam Digital Transformation Center (DTC-VN) project by the The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) support. The goal of the training program is to improve the digital transformation capacity of enterprises, provide reference instructions for SMEs to apply technological solutions in production, thereby recommending a roadmap suitable to the the goals of production, business and existing resources of the enterprise.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Phong, Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap Province

Speaking at the training session, Mr. Nguyen Hong Phong – Deputy Director, the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap province said: “Along with the trend of green transformation, digital transformation is an inevitable tendency that is happening very strongly, extensively and daily. In particular, recently, digital transformation has become a keyword of top interest in the business community in particular and economic organizations in general.

Mr. Tarek Hassan – DTC-VN, GIZ

Mr. Tarek Hassan – Project Manager of Vietnam Digital Transformation Center (DTC-VN), the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) commented: “Digital transformation is not just about incorporating technology into production and business activities, which is the total change of the business. This involves re-imagining business models, streamlining processes, enhancing customer experience, and fostering a culture of innovation. Digital transformation requires a different mindset, a willingness to embrace change and a commitment to continuous learning.”

Mr. Le Minh Chien, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment

Mr. Le Minh Chien, representative of the Department of Business Development (Ministry of Planning and Investment), presented an overview of the program of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to support businesses in digital transformation in the 2021-2025 period. He emphasized the important role of building a digital transformation roadmap for the sustainable development of businesses and our country’s economy.

Dr. Tran Anh Quan – Head of Digital Transformation, AITCV

Dr. Tran Anh Quan, Head of Digital Transformation – AITCV, presented on agricultural development in the digital age. He emphasized on agriculture 4.0 and core technologies in industry 4.0, as well as its applicability to the value chain of agricultural products. His lectures helped students better understand the correlation between technology and modern agriculture.

Dr. Phung Van Dong – Director, AITCV

Digital transformation towards business efficiency of enterprises led by Dr. Phung Van Dong – Director of AITCV and Dr. Tran Anh Quan presented with orientations on: supply chain and value chain, taking advantage of network effects for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), solutions to add value in production and business. Also in this program, Dr. Dong shared solutions on “Improving business resilience in the digital age”, helping businesses to be aware of the operational steps for their sustainable development.

Taking advantage of the strength of the combination of training and technology, AITCV is always a pioneer, providing up-to-date training programs, in line with the general trend and the needs of society. At the same time, we always accompany and support businesses in the process of Digital Transformation, towards the goal of building a Digital Economy and Digital Society. Learn more about AITCV’s Digital Transformation and Technology training programs here.


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