Renewable Energy

Renac academy is AIT's training partner, based on MOU, AIT Viet Nam - reseller of RENAC ready-made open courses
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Embracing Future Energy Flow in Vietnam

Renewable energy is progressively substantiating its pivotal key factor in the pursuit of economic and environmental sustainability. Vietnam has great potential for developing proficiency in renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) principles, thanks to its strategic geographical location with high solar radiation and abundant biomass resources from agriculture and forestry.

The application of renewable energy into Vietnam will not only contribute to economic growth and meet the increasing demand for electricity, but also play an important role in ensuring energy security and diminishing reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Creating Green Energy Solutions with the “Renewable Energy” training program

Recognizing the growing importance of renewable energy, AIT Vietnam and its partner Renac Academy are proud to be pioneers in offering training in this field. This collaboration is based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with AITCV acting as a reseller of RENAC’s ready-made open courses.

The course is delivered entirely in English, adhering to international standards. Its primary objective is to cultivate a skilled workforce equipped with the technological expertise to progressively localize renewable energy technology and equipment. This focus on localization aligns with the industry’s development strategy for the Vietnamese renewable energy sector.

The course “Renewable Energy” is for:

  • Engineers and officials working in the fields of energy, electricity, environment, etc.
  • Teachers and lecturers are teaching subjects related to renewable energy.
  • Investors, businesses, and NGOs operating in the field of renewable energy.

Opening schedule: April and October every year

Interested students please register or contact the Program Officer for more specific advice on program content and tuition fees.

Outstanding values

  • Flexibility to study at any time and from any location
  • Curated multimedia learning materials
  • Moderated forums and learning facilitator support
  • Live lecture
  • Self-assessment exercise
  • Assignments and exams
  • Recognise qualifications accredited by the external industry body


  1. General aspect of Renewable energy (RE)
  2. Photovoltaics
  3. Hybrid systems
  4. Solar Thermal
  5. Concentrated Solar Power
  6. Small Hydro
  7. Wind Energy
  8. Bioenergy
  9. Geothermal
  10. Grid Integration of renewables
  11. Energy Efficiency
  12. Economics and Financing
  13. Climate Protection
  14. CoBenefit of Climate Mitigation

Depending on training needs, AIT Vietnam can provide offline courses according to topics for each unit.

*Detailed information about RENAC's relevant courses:

Tuition fee

Depends on each study program. By registering through AIT Vietnam, students will receive more attractive incentives, please contact us for more detailed advice.


Interested students please register or contact the AIT Viet Nam Program Officer for more specific advice on program content and tuition.


Opening schedule: The first course opens in 2024

Starts in April and October every year


Ms. Dương Ngân

  • M: +84 88 989 22 89
  • E:
  • 3rd Floor, DETECH Building, No.8 Ton That Thuyet StrMy Dinh II Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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