Opening the 18th entry of iEMBA program in Hanoi, Vietnam

School of Management, AIT in collaboration with AIT in Vietnam, started its 18th entry of the international Executive MBA (iEMBA) program in Hanoi on 6th October 2017. The Ceremony was organized at Daewoo Hotel. The participants from large state companies such as PVN, EVN, VIDIFI, AB Bank, Nippon Koei Co., Toshiba, Behn Meyer  … and a variety of private companies, foreigner and JV corporations are enrolled in this advanced degree program. They are a main focus of the International EMBA program is the middle and senior managers in Private and Public companies, Joint-ventures and Representatives Offices in Vietnam to transfer state-of-the-art managerial knowledge and to offer a practical insight into current business practices. The program approaches in business and management are global, relevant to Asia Pacific context, and applicable in Vietnam. The program curriculum offers a unique opportunity for managers in different sectors to acquire relevant analytical skills to solve real problems, to strengthen competitiveness and make effective decisions.

Joining in the event

In the iEMBA in Vietnam for over 17 years, there has been a continuous commitment to developing the leadership the country requires to be competitive. When the iEMBA began in 2000, Vietnam was a developing country. Now it is a middle income country. This status brings new challenges for executives and professionals in business, government and the civil society. Regional integration from the trans-Pacific partnership, the ASEAN Economic Community and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership will place greater pressure on corporations in the ASEAN region to become more global in leadership, organizational dynamics and performance. The pressures of climate change, energy demands and environmental degradation requires executives and organizations to act sustainably to achieve the balance of economic, environmental and social requirements to benefit the next generation.

For the iEMBA the future is now and we are committed to realizing a greener and more equitable world.

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