English Bridging Program

The English Bridging Program for postgraduate study aims to improve prospective students of AIT Academic Programs with English proficiency in order to pass the AIT Language Test and interview with satisfactory results. Besides, after an intensive period of over 80 hours, the participants are also expected to improve their English language skills for their future postgraduate study

  • Become competent in the AIT writing format with the expected outcome of at least 5.0 score;
  • Improve their speaking and listening comprehension skills though interviews, conversations and discussions;
  • Improve the four language skills Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading, for professional contexts; 
  • Improve vocabulary including technical terms in respective fields of study such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning…;
  • Develop post-graduate study skills including presentation skills, academic writing skills, team working skills, critical thinking, problem solving, analyzing and evaluation; and
  • Pass the AIT Language Test and Interview with satisfactory results.

100% of the fee for English Bridging course will be refunded once students finish enrollment process

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