Professional Master in Finance and Banking



A well-curated program that helps emerging industry leaders cultivate a strategic mindset

PMBF aims to empower professionals in banking and financial services with strategic thinking to meet current and emerging challenges arising from the fast-changing business and technological environment in the banking and finance industry.

Our oustanding values

  • Sharpen your Strategic Thinking PMBF is designed as a program that will enhance your knowledge of emerging trends in the banking and finance industry and how to respond strategically to these trends. You will find yourself wearing a business leader’s hat while learning with faculty who will challenge and sharpen your strategic thinking.
  • Earn a degree that is recognized in the government, public and private sectors across countries PMBF is a degree awarded by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), an international institute of higher learning. Your degree is recognized for government, public, and private sector appointments in most countries in the region.
  • Earn a degree while continuing in your job PMBF is designed and delivered to suit your needs as working executives in the banking industry in the region. Classes will be on weekends and weekday evenings using a combination of different modes of delivery
  • Earn a master’s degree in one year PMBF is designed to leverage your experience. The contents focus on what is important for practicing managers in the industry. This allows the exclusion of many introductory courses and optimizes your time to earn a master’s degree.
  • Immerse in a curriculum that is contextually relevant PMBF program’s contents combine universally accepted frameworks with business realities of the regional context. Case studies and illustrations will be from regional markets which will ensure relevance in your learning.
  • Learn in an international environment PMBF offers you an opportunity to study in an international environment with your peers from the region and develop strong professional networks.
  • Learn in the company of high potential peers PMBF’s selection process is designed to ensure that you learn in the company of high performing and high potential peers in the industry.
  • Benefit from a practice-oriented program PMBF will offer you an opportunity to learn with academics and practicing managers, including serving CEOs of banks in the region.
  • Build valuable professional networks PMBF will provide opportunities to interact with industry leaders through the Distinguished speakers series (visit our YouTube channel: Banking and Finance at AIT for some of the recent talks hosted by the program) and connect with AIT’s large and influential alumni network.
  • Build enduring personal and professional capabilities PMBF is designed to enhance both your personal and professional development through leadership style assessment and mentoring opportunities with senior industry professionals.

program structure

  • The program will be delivered in 03 modules. Each module will feature the 03 themes:
    • The Environment,
    • The Organization, and
    • The Self
  • Under the Environment theme participants will explore different aspects of the environment in which the banking and financial services industry operates. Such aspects include economy, society, technology, markets, and regulation. Participants will learn to analyze how changes in the environment impact their business.
  • Under the Organization theme participants will develop their strategic thinking on matching organizational resources to opportunities on the outside and deliver on results that matter to stakeholders.
  • Under the Self theme, the learning will focus on the self, in both individual and relational dimensions. Self-awareness, managing interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships will feature as prominent learning objectives under this theme.
  • Each module will feature one course from each theme.
  • In addition, the program will feature the CEO and Tech talk series which will feature high-profile, industry leaders. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the speakers and also network with other attendees including prominent AIT alumni.
  • The overall integration of program learning will be either through a work-based research project or through a pair of appropriate elective courses.

tuition fee

  • Program fees is 12,000 USD per participant. NIBAF members will receive a special discount of 25% on the program fees. Those availing this discount will not be eligible for other fellowships of AIT.
  • For details of fees and financing options please write to or to the Program Director at
  • AIT offers merit-based partial fellowships. Award of fellowships depends on evaluation of applications.
  • Special fees apply to corporate and apex industry organizations who enter into longer-term agreements with AIT for sponsoring participants.


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