Professional Master of Project Management (MPM)



The Professional Master of Project Management in Construction Program (MPM) has been established in Vietnam since 2007. The program trains professionals to play a leading role in the international construction industry. It molds students to become active leaders in the construction industry and large construction projects.

The program prepares for students:

–           To become outstanding managers and decision-makers familiar with the modern techniques of construction management, engineering management, and infrastructure management

–           To more competent and capable to manage international large construction projects

–           To be able to assist the corporation to install and develop project management system in a company

The Professional Master of Project Management in Construction Program is designed for students who can both study and stay on the job.

Our oustanding values

  • Master’s degree from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, with international validity
  • Top 150 schools of Engineering, Civil and Construction according to World University Ranking
  • 100% international professors who are leading experts with rich experience
  • The international learning environment, Practical Application program
  • Real knowledge from teachers, experts from universities around the world, experts in the field of project management
  • Great opportunities for students to understand how big enterprises operate in the world through practical learning sessions, listening and sharing experiences, and understanding the reality of some enterprises’ management activities.
  • Strong Alumni network: more than 500 Project Management alumni in Vietnam, more than 4000 Project Management alumni in the world, nearly 5000 AIT alumni in many fields in Vietnam, more than 25,000 AIT alumni in the world
  • “Hybrid Mode” ensures that students, whether on a business trip or unable to participate in the classroom, can still interact directly with teachers and classmates.

program structure

Program duration: 12 – 14 months. Non – working hour classes.

  • Friday: 18:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday: 13:00 – 19:00
  • Sunday: 9:00 – 16:00

To complete the master program, participants need to complete 11 courses and 1 project report with a total of 33 credits.

During the second and third semesters, students will carry out their project studies. Students will conduct international field trips:

  • First trip: Study at AIT Thailand and visit the large construction sites in Thailand
  • Second trip: visit the large construction sites outside Vietnam, such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, or Europe
  • Third trip: to AIT Thailand to attend the Graduation ceremony


No Code Course
Core course: (3 credits/course)
1 CE70.12 Organizational Management in Construction
2 CE70.21 Integrated Project Planning and Control
3 CE70.11 Project Cost and Financial Management
4 CE70.44 Communication and Negotiation skills for Project Managers
5 CE70.33 Safety and Health Management in Construction
6 CE70.22 Legal and Contractual Risk Management
7 CE70.43 Project Financing
8 CE70.13 Quality Management
Applied Project Management courses (1 credit)
9  CE70.9010 Applied PM in Construction Business and Project  Simulation
10  CE70.9008 Applied Project Management in Oil/Gas Pipeline Projects
11  CE70.9009 Applied PM in High-rise Building Projects
12  CE70.9004 Applied Project Management in Housing and Real Estate Projects
13  CE70.9011 Applied Project Management in Commercial Projects
14  CE70.9013 Applied Project Management in Public Infrastructure Projects
15  CE70.9012 Applied Project Management in Petrochemical Project
Final Project (6 credits)


tuition fee

Installment Plan Semester Due date Amount (USD) Amount (VND)
Acceptance Registration fee 500 11,550,000
Installment 1 Semester 1 Sep 2022 5,400 124,740,200
Installment 2 Semester 2 Jan 2023 5,400 142,065,000
1st International field trip  Jan 2023 750
Installment 3 Semester 3 Aug 2023 4,050 93,555,000
Sub-total tuition and fees 16,100 371,910,000
 * Installment 4 2nd International field trip  Aug 2023  2,000 46,200,000
* Installment 5 Graduation trip Dec 2023 500 11,550,000
Total tuition, installment and fees 18,600 429,660,000
  • * Installment 4 & 5 are Optional
  • The international field trip fee includes air ticket, transportation, insurance, and accommodation.
  • This rate of exchange (ROE = 23,100) is only for reference purposes.



1 – English Entry Score

  • Submit IELTS 6.0: 10% fellowship. Note: IELTS Writing Score must be 6.0
  • Take the English test for entrance exam with a score of 6.0: 5% fellowship

2 – Outstanding Student

  • One student got the Highest Score in MPM Entrance Exam: 10% fellowship
  • Two students got the Second and Third Highest Scores: 5% fellowship


Vietnamese / Foreign students apply to enroll in the MPM program in 2021

Satisfying the prescribed admission requirements (requirements for admission records, full and timely tuition fee payment)

There is an English test result that meets the fellowship requirements



  • Family members of an MPM degree program alumnus/alumna with the 1st degree of consanguinity (parent or child) and affinity (spouse) will be entitled to a discount on the total program fee.
  • Discount program for company employees who register in groups with a number of 7 people or more, note that the group of employees must work in the same company, and pay tuition fees at their own expense.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call 0785 265 168.


The selection of students studying MPM program is based on such criteria

  • Learning outcomes
  • Work experience
  • Learning objectives

After selecting documents, candidates will be invited to interview. After candidates pass the interview round, they will receive an Offer Letter from the MPM program one month before the program starts.

To be eligible for admission to the AIT Professional Master’s program, an applicant must:

  • Have English language proficiency which may be satisfied in any requirement of the following:
    • IELTS (5.0) or equivalent
    • TOEFL (Paper-based: 500; Computer – Based:173; or Internet-based: 61)
    • Or applicants can apply for English Test offered by AIT at AIT-VN. English Test fee: 33 USD.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree (normally from a four-year program) or it’s equivalent in an appropriate study field.
  • Have undergraduate grades significantly above average.
  • At least three years of working experiences


Please download the Application Form here: LINK

  • AIT Application Form
  • Bachelor Degree, Transcript (in English)
  • IELTS/TOEFL Degree – or AIT English Entry Test 5.0 score
  • Application Processing Fee ($25)


admission schedule

Intake 2023
Application Deadline 08/2023
Interview and English Entrance Test until 08/2022
English Entrance Class (every month) 02/2023
Opening 09/2023

Please contact Ms. Pham Thi Phuong Anh or come MPM website for more information:


Please contact Ms. Pham Thi Phuong Anh or come MPM website for more information:

Học viên tiêu biểu

Mr. Nghiem Xuan Hung – General Director of Internal Affairs Division of Thai Binh Duong Group

“The program helped me widen my vision and make more correct decisions in management. Teachers come from many different countries, are always enthusiastic in the teaching process, especially, teachers with extensive teaching experience and learning content are very well combined with reality, can be projected and apply directly to the economic environment in Vietnam as well as other countries.

In addition, the program has provided theoretical foundations on interdisciplinary governance in parallel with updating modern development trends in the world in the field of business administration and project management. I feel satisfied and worthy of what MPM brings, and would like to thank the teachers who have always supported them throughout the year.”

Ms. Mai Do Thuy Dung – General Director – AKA Furniture Group

“I am very happy that I have studied the Professional Master Program in Project Management (MPM). The MPM program provides general knowledge of project management and other business management. I really appreciate being taught about negotiation, finance has always been helpful for my career. MPM is really useful for everyone, you have the opportunity to use the knowledge you learned to apply in your current work, as well as help your career in the future. I am truly grateful to the teachers who have supported me throughout the school year, as well as for the advice I received in my career.”

Ms. Marina Lapa Viana – Civil Engineer from Brazil

“The decision to start an MPM course is one of the best options I have ever made. It is the result of all the knowledge and support provided by Professors and friends. Updated classes relate, with current building problems, solutions and technologies. More specifically, what I really love is the diversity in the academic field, all Professors from different countries and cultures, and that makes you learn about construction management in a very specific way. My experience and time in Vietnam would not have been without AIT and I am forever grateful for it.”


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