Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



  • AIT-SOM is offering a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) for senior professional managers/administrators. The DBA program is intended to create a body of knowledge embedded in practice. The first DBA program is being offered at AIT Campus in Thailand, Sri Lanka at the International College of Business and Technology (ICBT) Campus and Vietnam (Hanoi and HCMC) at the AIT in Vietnam (AITVN) since 2007.
  • SOM’s DBA program is intended to provide further preparation skills for working professionals to re-enter industry upon graduation. Both educational qualifications and work experience are taken into consideration for admission to the DBA program. A master’s degree prior to entry to the DBA is preferred. However, if one does not have a master’s degree prior to entry to the DBA, eligibility will be based on their professional experience and equivalent qualifications.
  • The ultimate academic objective of SOM’s DBA program is to develop and disseminate “grounded” theories based on Asian business practices including developing case studies and industry analyses.

Our oustanding values

  • Internationally recognized degree
  • The curriculum is highly practical and applicable
  • Flexible study schedule during weekend and evenings
  • Learning method is modern and flexible Experience sharing with international executives & faculty

program structure

First year DBA Program Structure: Six doctoral level research methodology courses (total of 22.5 hours per course), delivered online and/or in person in downtown campuses:

  • Aug/Sept: Approaches of qualitative research
  • Oct/Nov: Methods of qualitative research
  • January: Foundations of management research
  • February: Management research methods and writing
  • Mar/Apr: Data strategies & hypotheses testing
  • Jun/Jul: Building models that link to theory

Knowledge Building Courses: Students select a total of six credits from the School of Management

Special Study: Toward the end of their coursework, DBA students take a research specialization study of 3 credits. The student works with his/her supervisor on a topic of interest. It will be tailor-made to the student’s research focus and require understanding and a critical review of the theories and research in the field of specialization. The student will be required to prepare a review paper (a report) based on published research.

Year 2-3: Dissertation:

The dissertation is self-study and does involve any formal coursework. Students are expected to meet with their supervisor and committee members regularly.

tuition fee

  • The cost of the program is 580.000.000 VND (approx. equals 25,000 USD) which includes registration fee, tuition fee, and course materials. The fee is payable into 5 instalments. The first instalment of app. 116,350,000 VND must be paid before registration
  • In case the candidate is not able to complete the degree within three years (6 semesters), the registration fee of USD 700 per semester will be charged for each semester under extension.


  • The selection to the program will be based on several criteria such as academic qualifications, experience, professional accomplishments, level of responsibility of the applicant and statement of purpose. An interview may also be arranged before the final selection is made. The selected applicants will be informed at least one month prior to start of the program.
  • Application forms can be downloaded from

admission schedule

  • In HCMC, Hanoi:
    • Application: September 2021
    • Inauguration: October, 2021


Viện Công nghệ châu Á tại Việt Nam

Phạm Thị Kim Ngọc – Điều phối viên quốc gia
Điện thoại: +84 90 321 75 33

Ms. Đào Thanh Yến – Điều phối viên khu vực

Điện thoại: +84 98 360 4487


ThS. Trần Thị Thu Hương – Cán bộ chương trình

Điện thoại: +84 90 103 4586


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