The Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT Vietnam) was established in 1993 under an agreement between the Government of Vietnam and AIT. We are proud to be the first non-profit international educational organization in Vietnam with training programs that are highly ranked in the region and around the world.

In nearly 30 years of experience, AIT Vietnam has trained more than 4,100 Masters and PhDs, and more than 30,000 experts in Vietnam, who currently hold important positions in the Government Departments, private companies and multinational corporations.

The Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam is committed to providing training programs of international quality, focusing on technology/technology-based fields such as: Digital Transformation and Business Administration, Science and Technology, Environment and Development… especially programs on Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, BIM, Logistic, Sustainable development

With a long experience in training, combined with a deep understanding of the legal, economic, political environment, social and cultural trends, gives us advantages and outstanding values compared to any other international educational institution in Vietnam.

Dr. Phung Van Dong - Director of AIT Vietnam

AIT Vietnam strives to become the leading international training institute in Vietnam and the region, providing global training programs, consulting services and technology transfer with the highest standards, in order to foster high quality human resources, ready for the 4.0 Technology revolution

Our mission

AIT Vietnam acts as an international gateway for technology transfer, supporting the national development of Vietnam in particular and the development of the region in general through education, training and outreaching post graduate community. These projects will be implemented in strategic locations in Vietnam and in cooperation with international organizations and governments to achieve the best efficiency, responsiveness and quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become well respected regional institution that offers international quality, innovative, and work-relevant higher education for the sustainable growth of Vietnam and the region.

Our Goal

AIT Vietnam will become a full university as a branch of AIT in Vietnam by 2025.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Expand and diversify academic programs
  2. Strengthen and diversify educational and training services
  3. Promote research and technology transfer services

AIT Vietnam achievements

Years in Vietnam
Fields of Study
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Masters and Doctors
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Experts and professionals

Seven AIT faculty researchers are amongst world’s top 2% scientists in their respective fields

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