“Construction Supervision of Large Bridges” training program

During 18th – 27th July 2018, the training cum study tour program on “Construction Supervision of Large Bridges” was conducted in Korea and China by the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam in cooperation with its partners in those countries.

The training has successfully brought together 12 high level official from Local Government Division under the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development (LGRD) & Co-operatives, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The training delivered both in lectures and field visits by experts and project managers from large bridge projects in Korea and China was focused on Techniques of Large Bridges Construction in Korea and China context. There have been lots of discussions and sharing experiences between the host experts and participants on challenges and success in managing bridge projects.

The participants also had the chances to visit the POSCO Construction Co., Incheon Grand Bridge Showroom in Korea and the Authority and the local high-tech bridge of Future Science & Technology City, Guanting Reservoir Super Major Bridge, Hebei Province in China. These field visits gave them a real look into hots countries experiences on design and supervision of different aspects of large bridge construction as well as its particular techniques and quality control by practically approaching, raising all enquiries to experts and project managers. Upon the training’s conclusion, the participants obtained a different overview of management in large bridge construction in both countries, and then could make a considerable applicability into similar construction projects in Bangladesh.

The training cum study visit program was well conducted with satisfactory program organization and management that gained participants’ widely appreciation in maximum benefit from program. Overall, the objectives and expectation of the program were met; the participants had a good opportunity of sharing and learning experience, new techniques and ideas in large bridge construction management while observing the reality of supervision and construction in Korea and China.

For further information related to the course, please contact: Ms. Kieu Ly – Development Officer, Overseas Training & Development Division, Tel: +84.37669493 (ext.131)/ Cell: +84. 9 04 05 36 55, Email: kieuly@aitcv.ac.vn.

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