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Introduction to International Study Tours
EDS organize international study tours in the fields of Cleaner Production, Urban Environmental Planning and Management, Solid waste Management, Wastewater system, SME support, and Climate change Adaptation Models. The programs are highly evaluated for well-developed content and well-prepared organization. Clients will be consulted at the concept stage to ensure the overall objectives and individuals’ expectations are both met.

Since 2006 EDS has been successfully organizing numerous training cum study tours for expatriates and Vietnamese participants in many countries in the region and over the world.

Those international exposure programs cover the following topics:

Government agency:
1. Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling
2. Sustainable Urban Planning and Management
3. Urban Wastewater and Sanitation Management
4. Agri-business and Agro-processing Financing
5. Field and Laboratory Tests for Highway Engineers
6. Pollution Prevention and Control
7. Cleaner Production Promotion and Practices
8. Environmental Monitoring Planning and Municipal Solid Waste Management
9. Environmental Health Impact Assessment and Public Awareness
10. Solid Waste Management
11. Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Law
12. Environmental Impact Assessment

Private Sector:
1. Environmental Management for Enterprise Managerial Personnel
2. Learn About Improved Feed Making Machines
3. Aquaculture Hatchery Management
4. Clay Brick and Tile Technology and Best Practices
5. Consultancy Skills in Cleaner Production
6. Cleaner Production Promotion and Practices for Cleaner Production

1. Formulation and Writing a Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan
2. Livelihood programs for the Extreme Poor
3. Community-based Sustainable Development in Peri-Urban Areas
4. Practices of Micro-Finance Manager and Disaster Mitigation Models

International Organization:
1. Integrated Mekong River Basin Management
2. Urban Environmental Planning
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