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Introduction to AIT-VN Training Programs in Development Project Management
The development sector in Viet Nam has grown tremendously in recent years together with the increased activities of many international bilateral and multilateral donors. This is part of the efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals as committed by the governments, foundations, businesses and civil society groups. Capacity building through international high-quality training programs is an integral part of the effort to achieve sustainable economic and social development
Start day:14/03/2016
To improve participants’ knowledge and skills for writing a development project proposal and reports that best meet the needs of local communities in development process...
Start day:16/03/2016
The course aims at enhancing report writing skills for project officers and partners as well as improving quality of reports (field report, survey report, annual, final and interim...
Start day:21/03/2016
This course is to provide the participants with knowledge and a crosscutting edge of experiences in budgeting and financial management for development projects...
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