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Introduction to Management Development
It is hard to manage others effectively if you are your main obstacle! This course focuses on empowering people to achieve their full potential. Each person will work on how to empower their staff, and hence increase the input, by communicating more effectively.

The need for managers who can perform effectively is an essential requirement in business today. Drawing on a range of approaches to suit different situations, they must be able to demonstrate their management styles and management skills with confidence and conviction. This comprehensive courses focuses on developing the interpersonal skills of the individual participant so that they can adapt their style to each person they manage. This is a pragmatic learning program, based on the needs of each participant, and it reflects the complexity of managing by not breaking down the process into convenient headings such as leadership, delegation, motivation, work planning and time management, project management etc. Much of the training is carried out through discussion and activities, together with the use of delegates' own management situations as case studies. It is important that management skills and styles be continually developed and improved. This program is essential training for both experienced and newly appointed managers.

The program is designed for team leaders, supervisors, managers, young professionals aspiring to be in management positions, and any individuals who are interested in management issues.
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