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Introduction To Environment & Development Section (EDS)
The Environment and Development Section (EDS) at AIT Vietnam provide international high quality training programs for professionals in the fields of Environmental and Natural Resources Management, Urban Environmental Management, Development Project Management, Agribusiness Management, International Cooperation Management, Gender Development, and Interpersonal Skills for Development Project Officers and International Relation Officers.

Through its academic and short training programs, international study tours, and outreach activities, EDS is working towards capacity building and human resource development in the areas of environment and natural resource management, poverty alleviation, and socio-economic development of Vietnam and the region.

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Start day:14/03/2016
To improve participants’ knowledge and skills for writing a development project proposal and reports that best meet the needs of local communities in development process...
Start day:14/03/2016
In many countries, governments are seeking advice from a wide range of disciplines on the potential impacts of climate change on the environment and their society and economy. Developing...
Start day:16/03/2016
This course is designed for non-specialists and professional staff from government agencies, NGOs, community-based organizations (CBOs) and businesses who are concerned or involved...
Start day:16/03/2016
The course aims at enhancing report writing skills for project officers and partners as well as improving quality of reports (field report, survey report, annual, final and interim...
Start day:21/03/2016
This course is to provide the participants with knowledge and a crosscutting edge of experiences in budgeting and financial management for development projects...
Start day:18/04/2016
The course aims to improve participants’ knowledge and updated skills for community development in the trend towards sustainability...
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