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Introduction to Information Technology & Industrial Management Section (ITIMS)
ITIMS provides short-term training and consultancy for local and international enterprises and organizations in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, Eco-Innovation, Sustainable Development, Project Management, Information Technology and Applications, Management Skills, and Training cum Study Tour.

Our mission is to deliver the most updated and useful knowledge, skills and techniques to our programs’ participants. We strive to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients through the consistent high quality of all our training programs.

ITIMS programs are designed and conducted by AIT trainers, international experts, and AIT alumni who all have Master or Doctoral degrees, and currently hold important managerial positions in Vietnam and regional countries. Newly acquired skills from these short courses are immediately applicable in improving the participants’ performance at work.

On request, ITIMS will quickly organize tailor-made training courses and training-cum study tours for companies and organizations in Vietnam and overseas. Training contents, venues and time are tailor-made to meet the clients’ requirements.

Our training programs are offered in six focus areas as below:
- Training cum Study Tour


Explore our Training Schedule for the year 2016: Download here

Contact us:
Hanoi: Ms. Duong Thi Ngan, Email:, Tel.: +844 3766 9493 (ext. 224)
HCM: Mr. Nguyen Duc Anh Kha, Email:, Tel.: +848 3910 7423 (ext. 123)
PLC Programming, Digital Communication, SCADA system, DCS and HMI...
Start day:03/03/2016
statistical tools, trend analysis and forecast, simulation,......
Start day:18/03/2016
spare-parts inventory issues, forecasting, order planning, layout....
Start day:30/03/2016
warehouse, transportation and distribution, customer service management ...
Start day:08/04/2016
Recognize the benefits of coordination among members/partners, understanding functions and establish detail coordination mechanisms, and know how to evaluate coordination efficiency...
Start day:22/04/2016
demand planning, supply, S&OP implementation, inventory management ...
Start day:12/05/2016
trends of development and pressures, evaluate and applying supplier selection process, manage suppliers, trend of global sourcing, group purchasing, ethics and green procurement ...
Start day:19/05/2016
knowledge and practical skills in production and operations management....
Start day:20/05/2016
effective tools to manage and control environmental impacts of all activities throughout the supply chain by assessing the sustainability status of the current supply chain and proposing...
Start day:02/06/2016
operations planning processes and master scheduling within a manufacturing company, key planning processes and techniques for planning resources like man, machines, materials…...
Start day:07/07/2016
Proactive plan for negotiation strategic, flexible use tactics in negotiating process, practice simulated situations with suppliers and other partners in the chain...
Start day:14/07/2016
What are B2B online trading website that you trust to find the suppliers, customers, advertise or execute online trading?...
Start day:12/07/2017
SCOR model, Beer game, MRP, warehouse, inventory, purchasing, negotiation, distribution, transportation...
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