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Diploma in Hotel & Resort Management 2016
Start time 07/06/2016
Why DHM16?

• Designed as a mini-MBA program for hotel/resort managers, including 5 modules
• Update knowledge and experiences with high applicability to Vietnamese context shared by international and local experts
• Participants are required to do a project during the program with the comments of the experts and project presentation at the end of the program.
• Expand your profesional network

Who should attend DHM16?

• Executive and middle managers of hotels and resorts.
• Potential staffs and those who want to become managers of hotels and resorts
• University lecturers of the field

Tuition fee policy

Tuition of the whole program: 28.000.000 VND


Module 1: Hotel & resort management
Module 2: WOW customer sevice
Module 3: Leadership and staff management
Module 4: Work planning and management
Module 5: Revenue Management

Team of experts

DanielOng.pngMr. Daniel Ong – Singapore
• Head the Hospitality Consultancy Division, Singaporean Hospitality Department (SHD)
• 20+ years of experiences, both locally and internationally with integral roles in key senior positions in international 5 star hotels including Hyatt International in China, Japan and Singapore
• Project General Manager of JIA boutique hotel in Shanghai, HardRock Hotel & Crockfords Tower in Resorts World Singapore IR, Equarius Hotel, Exclusive Beach Villas & Resorts World, Singapore
• Opening and operating a few business involving mainly Food and Beverage setups in Jakarta, Indonesia and Phnom Penh, Cambodia
TanyaNair.jpgMs. Tanya Nair – Singapore
• 20+ years of experience in senior management in hospitality industry
• 14+ years of experience in training for 5 star world leading hotels, such Heritage Hotels, Fullerton Hotel, Grand Hyatt (Singapore).
• Director of Training Circumference: Development & Delivery of Training Programmes for clients within the hospitality & retail industries focusing on the development and measurement tools.
• Consultant for TSA- Solutions: Delivery and maintenance of revenue enhancement programmes
Lakienmy.pngMr. La Kien My –Vietnam
• 20+ years of experience in managing FDI companies in hositality and manufacturing industry.
• Trainer of Dự án Business Edge Project (BE) – organized and funded by International Finance Corporation (IFC) in order to enhance the leadership and management capacity of SME in Mekong Delta;
• 15+ years of experiences in providing training and consulting services to enpterprises and hotels in Vietnam
• Member of the Executive Committee of VNHR Club; Human Resource Director of ACER Vietnam and Equatorial 5 star hotel
Doantrang.pngMs. Vu Lai Doan Trang – Vietnam
• Expert in providing professional training and consulting sevices in training management and developent management
• Training manager of Saigon Sheraton
• Guest lecturer of Saigon Tourism School

Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy
Tel: +84-4-3766 9493 Ext: 117
Mobile: 0906 657 070