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Green Manufacturing and Management
Green Innovation is a new approachable methodology which allows enterprises to continuously increase their production effectiveness, as well as maintain the sustainable development, lower the material costs, enhance production capacity and be more responsible for social development. Reality has proved that the enterprises who go in the green production or green innovation have rapidly developed and got higher profit than the non-green innovation enterprises. Green Innovation could be implemented in every aspect of a business, from business strategies, business model to production activities, product design, marketing and branding, organization…… With green innovation, business leaders are required to highly acknowledge of challenges to the sustainable development and determine to turn these challenges to opportunities for business development. This, however, is not a an easy and quick action, it really needs time and resources to implement Green innovation

With an aim to build up a network of enterprises who are capable to implement Green innovation, the Asian Institute of Technology Centre in Vietnam (AITVN) started a project on Green Manufacturing and Management (GMM). This is one year project with following activities:

1- Enhance capacity for enterprises via seminars with following subject;

a. Green Innovation for SMEs;

b. Green Business Model;

c. Using “Life cycle assessment” in decision making;

d. Resource Efficiency and cleaner production; 

e. Indicator on sustainable development; 

f. Sustainable production and consumption; 

g. Green Project Formulation and Implementation.

DurationMarch 2014 – December 2014

2- In depth training for 20 selected businesses to help them prepare necessary tools to formulate and implement Green projects.  

DurationNovember 2014 – March 2015

3- Provide consultancy services in 3-4 enterprises who have taken part in Phase 1 & 2 of AITVN’s GMM project.

Duration: January 2015 – March 2015

GMM Project is funded by AITVN and implemented by the Information Technology & Industrial Management Section (ITIMS)AITVN’s partners who are experts in related green areas such as The Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC), The Vietnam Business Council of Sustainable Development of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry(VCCI), ENERTEAM, Delft University of Neither land, AIT’s School of Engineering & Technology … also taking part in this project. 

For further information, please contact us:  
Hanoi: Ms. Dam Thu Dung, Email:, Tel: +844 3766 9493 (ext.142)   
HCM: Mr. Nguyen Duc Anh Kha, Email:, Tel: +848 3910 7423 (ext. 123) 
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