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Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Management
Scientific and advanced management is essential to the efficient, productive, and high-quality operation of equipment and production lines at factories and plants. Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Management program at AIT-VN provides training services for companies to enhance their supply chain and production management capability. Companies can adjust management methods learnt during the training programs to suit their specific situations. Our programs always incorporate the latest knowledge and experiences from the biggest corporations worldwide to help Vietnamese enterprises have access to the best practices in the field.

Contact us:
Hanoi: Ms. Duong Thi Ngan, Email:, Tel.: +844 3766 9493 (ext. 224)
HCM: Mr. Nguyen Duc Anh Kha, Email:, Tel.: +848 3910 7423 (ext. 123)
Start day:12/09/2017
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