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Introduction to Short-term Training Programs at AIT Vietnam
AIT Vietnam is committed to offering a wide range of high quality, flexible and focused short-term training programs. Expert trainers are recruited nationally and internationally. We carefully select our trainers based on their training skills, expertise and long years of professional experience.

Our training programs are recognized for balance between theory and practice. These Programs are considered highly relevant and responsive to the needs of professionals and their organizations. The effectiveness of our training courses are evaluated by conducting post-training surveys.

Upon request, AIT Vietnam will quickly organize tailor-made (organization-specific) training courses and training/study tours for organizations in Vietnam and overseas. Training contents, venues and time are structured to meet the requirements set by the donors or clients.

Our training programs are offered in the four major sections as follows: 

Management and Business Section (MBS)

Please go to each section for more detailed information about their training programs. 

Start day:12/07/2017
SCOR model, Beer game, MRP, warehouse, inventory, purchasing, negotiation, distribution, transportation...
Start day:07/11/2016
This is a course designed to provide participants the knowledge and skills required in the field of public relations (PR). It should help participants to use PR more effectively...
Start day:25/10/2016
This training is designed to provide participants with an understanding of project management techniques as well as to improve their skills in solving practical problems and conflicts...
Start day:14/09/2016
This course is designed to provide participants an overview of the organizational training and development...
Start day:29/08/2016
This training course is designed for office administrators to improve their skills in office work...
Start day:29/08/2016
This training course is designed to deliver target participants practical approaches in human resource management...
Start day:10/08/2016
This training course is designed to provide participants with a good understanding of the basic concepts and techniques in managing customer service operations in a competitive environment...
Start day:14/07/2016
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