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Upcoming Training Courses in July and August 2017

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Dear valued customers,

AIT-VN is recruiting participants for the following courses with tentative schedule below:



Name of the course

Tentative schedule & duration

Contact person


Interpreting Skills for Professional Interpreter

17-22 July (6 days)

Ms. Lo Ly (Program Officer)

Tel.: 04 3766 9493, Ext. 123

Cell: 0912 540 232



Work Planning and Time Managemet Skills

17-18 August (2 days)


Facilitation Skills for  Meetings, Workshops and Seminar

22-23 August (2 days)


Training venue: At AIT-VN (Building B3, University of Transport and Communications, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi)

Time: 8:30 – 11:30 and 13:30 – 16:30

Trainers: having expertise and professional skills with long-year-experience in training activity

Detailed about course outlines, course schedule and course fees, please refer to the contact person mentioned above.

Here is the course content in brief:

Interpreting Skills for Professional Interpreter:

Many valuable tipps and experiences sharing from well-experienced trainers on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills. Contents of 2-training-day include: 

·         Roles, responsibilities of interpreters

·         Criteria for interpreting

·         The interpreting process

·         Interpreter’s techniques

·         Clarifying, giving and receiving feedback

·         Interpreting jokes, proverbs

·         Simplification and extension

·         Dealing with difficult language problems

·         Developing and enhancing memory for interpreting

·         Cross-cultural communication

·         Code of ethnics in interpreting

·         Interpreting problems and strategies to address interpreting problems

Work Planning and Time Management Skills:

Training content is designed in 3 topics, each topic contains many sub-topics:

·         Setting goals

·         Prioritizing and delegation

·         Personal Effectiveness – Communication and Influencing others

Facilitation Skills for  Meetings, Workshops and Seminar:

The tentative training contents include:

·         Roles and tasks of facilitator

·         Principles for effectively facilitating

·         Key facilitation techniques

·         Methods for generating and analysing information

·         Managing conflicts and reaching concensus

·         Pratice Role-play