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The course has been developed in response to the need for building up capacity of Junior Consultants those wished to involve in providing service of doing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Oil and Gas Industry Projects...
AIT-VN has successfully organized training course on "Contract and Financial Management in Construction Project" for project management teams of EVN TPMB3 in Tra Vinh province from 11-13 Nov 2015....
To celebrate SET’s operation in Vietnam, an Expert Talks Day was successfully organized in Ho Chi Minh City on 20 June 2015 as an annual academic activity, including a series of Expert Seminars to promote cutting edge SET application researches...
In December 12 – 18, 2015, AITVN has successfully organized the training course on “Marine & Fresh pearl & Mussels Culture and Processing” for participants coming from Bangladesh. This course was designed in order to provides knowledge...

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