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Completion of a training program on “Basic concepts on Integrated Water Resource Management” from 24-26/9 and 04-06/10/2016, in Ho Chi Minh City and Nam Dinh province

In the framework of Vietnam Industrial Pollution Management Project, the training program entitled “Basic concepts on Integrated Water Resource Management” was conducted by AITCV in September and October 2016. The class took place in Ho Chi Minh City on 24-26/9 and repeated in Nam Dinh province on 04-06/10.

The aim of the course was to introduce the IWRM framework including its concept / principles, institutional roles and management tools. The course was also to build up the capacity of local institutions, water managers as well as water professionals those will be expected to apply the gained knowledge for the sustainable Dong Nai - Nhue Day river basins management.


The program covered the in-class training and field visits. Participants were taken to Tri An Hydropower Plant (Class in HCMC) and to Nhat Tuu Sluice Works (Class in Nam Dinh). The visit purpose was to help the participant to link the in-house training to practices – where the participants could observe and learn the River basin water management practice at the site in the context of the provincial social economic strategic development as well as the region related to Nhue-Day or Dong Nai River Basin.

Most of the respondents found the training contents "useful” to “very useful". They expressed their interest in getting to learn (a) IWRM vision, thinking, the relevance of the water resource allocation as required by  area  and/or  sector;  (b)  doing  planning  for  water  resource  use  efficiently;  (c)  skills  of analysis,  assessment  of  water  resource  such  as  DPSIR  and  SWOT;  (d)  team  work  in defining  IWRM  strategy,  application  for  Nhue-Day  and  Dong  River  Basins;  and  (e) environmental protection control as well as use of water resource in a sustainable manner.

The training program generally was successful as  it  met expectations  of  most  of  the participants (#89%). The overall evaluation score achieved was 7.9 (on a scale of 10).
For more information about the course, please contact Ms. Tran Thi Hong Nhien, at her email: