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Completion of a 3-day-training on “Consulting skills” in Tra Vinh City

Completion of a 3-day-training on “Consulting skills” from 11 to 13/7/2016, in Tra Vinh City

The Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam, in cooperation with SME Tra Vinh PMU successfully organized a 3-day training course on “Consulting skills” in Tra Vinh city. The course aimed to enhance the communication skill, system, creative and critical thinkings for individuals, staff and officials those engaged in consulting process for SME development promotion. The course was highly evaluated by participants. The overall score was 8.9 (over a scale of 10).

Some of participants claimed that from the training they could learn on how to manage in communicating, consulting to their client, particularly for his/her SME client in understanding on the required tax payment process, that could help their daily work become more effectively.

The course was carried out from 11 to 13/7/2016 in Tra Vinh City and there were more than 50 participants awarded with AITCV completion training certificates.
For more information about the course, please contact Ms. Tran Thi Hong Nhien, at her email: