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Completion of the two 2-day training courses on “Public Consultation Skills”

Completion of the two 2-day training courses on “Public Consultation Skills” from 20-21/12 and 29-30/12/2016

Public consultation has been identified as an important skill in getting people, stakeholder engaged in public discussions in the effort to improve the public service quality. Realizing this importance, AITCV in cooperation with SME Tra Vinh PMT has organized the training course on “Public Consultation Skills” for more than 50 participants in Tra Vinh City. The participants come from the Governmental Officials, Mass Organizations and Association of Enterprises at levels of district and commune.


After the training, participants would be able to understand the consultation process, steps to prepare consultation and necessary skills to conduct the consultation meeting. Participants were also guided to deal with conflicts that may occur during the consultation. The courses were much appreciated by the participants. The score representing their satisfaction on the courses were about 9.0 (over a scale of 10). More than 90% of the number of participants aggreed that the training content was usefull to their works, in which 50% evaluated “very useful”.

For more information about this training, please contact Ms. Tran Thi Hong Nhien, at her email