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Training cum Study Tour on "Management and Administration of Primary Education" for Bangladesh Delegation

During April 20 to 1 May 2017, AIT-VN has successful organized the training cum study tour for 07 Honorable Member of Parliament & President of Standing Committee and 09 other high ranking positions working in Ministry of Primary and Mass Education  to Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia. 
The purpose of the training is to share the experience in management of primary education among these three countries. 
During the training program, the delegates have visited the Ministry of Training and Education in Vietnam, The committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Youth and Children, National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Department of Education in Laos & Cambodia, and meeting with Principles of Primary Schools in all three countries for sharing the training curriculum, training methodologies and primary training management.
Some pictures from the Study Tours below:

N1.jpg       N2.jpg
Visit to Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, 
Youth and Children, National Assembly of 
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Visit to Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

The delegate visited Van Dien A primary school