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Completion of a Consultancy on Industrial water footprint reduction

The project is to review the industrial processes that are large water users and where reductions in water consumption are feasible. Groundwater abstractions are unsustainable in the delta and become one of major causes to land subsidence, followed by flooding and salinization.


Water footprint reduction.jpg

EDS AITVN plays a role as a local consultant to assist the project through out field work, doing water consumption mass balance and cost analysis, in the effort to reduce such abstractions; reduce water footprint in the industries in the Mekong Delta. The effect as result of climate change to economic sectors in the Delta and especially those that deal with or depend on water will be therefore minimized. The project lasted from June to October 2015.

For more information about this assignment, please contact Ms.Tran-Thi-Hong Nhien, at her email: Thank you.