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Introduction to iEMBA Program, Specialisation in Energy Management
Introduction to iEMBA Program, Specialisation in Energy Management

The International Executive MBA Program, specialised in Energy Management, at AIT offers the latest knowledge and know-how in energy sector and the best, proven practices in energy management. 

Our iEMBA program encourages participative learning and use a variety of interactive learning methodologies. Our programs are designed for students to learn latest management concepts, techniques and tools, but more importantly, to develop skills and attitude of listening and understanding others, holistic thinking, collective decision making, leading by example, communicating, negotiating, and being sensitive to societal concerns. 

The School provides exceptional individuals with a supportive environment in which they can develop their skills and aptitudes, helping them to reach their professional goals and to serve the interests of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary, integrating as it does elements from engineering, economics, social psychology and management fields. It is structured in such a way as to include the integrated components of the school required courses, electives or focus courses, and/or an MBA Project or Research Study.

With over ten years of operations and continuous growth, the International Executive MBA program marks a deeper strengthening of the ties between AIT and Vietnam, emphasizing the commitment of AIT to human resource development in Vietnam. The main target participants of the International EMBA program is the middle and senior managers in Private and Public companies, Joint-ventures and Representatives Offices in Vietnam. The program aims at transferring state-of-the-art managerial knowledge and offering a practical insight into current business practices. Widely global as it is, the business and management approach of the program is made relevant to Asia Pacific context, and applicable in Vietnam. This program is designed to meet the need of enhancing the competitiveness of business organizations operating in Vietnam in an increasingly global world. Therefore, the International Executive MBA emphasizes three dimensions: the situation of companies operating in Vietnam; the operational environment for companies based in Asia and Pacific particularly in ASEAN; the global perspective and trends as they relate to Vietnam. 

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