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Introduction to AIT School of Environment, Resource & Development (AIT-SERD)
Established in 1993, the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) of the Asian Institute of Technology, has been serving a higher education of the region. The SERD mission is addressed towards the achievement of sustainable development, poverty alleviation while mitigating the effects of climate change. SERD offers 3 clusters of 10 Fields of Study including Energy and Environment, Bioresources, and Development Studies. The new SERD academic programs are dynamics and multi-disciplinary which could contribute to the regional needs in a timely manner.

In collaboration with the AIT Center in Vietnam (AIT-VN), SERD offers postgraduate training programs in environment which aims to improve the knowledge and skills in environmental management and engineering for Vietnamese professionals. 

Academic programs
Professional Master Program in Environmental Engineering and Management (PM-EEM) - Intake 2016
Start time :15/08/2016
The program looks for solutions to environmental problems, water supply and sanitation, wastewater treatment and disposal systems, air pollution, solid and hazardous wastes, waste minimization,...
Professional Master Program in Urban Management (PM-UM) Program 2016
Start time :12/08/2016
The PM-UM Program aims to promote sustainable development by drawing on and integrating theories and perspectives from the disciplines of urban planning; urban and regional development;...