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Introduction To Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Management (PM IE&SCM)

The demand for qualified Industrial Engineering Managers in Vietnam is so high, especially in industrial developed cities where many big plants/manufacturers/enterprises are currently operated. However, regardless the fact that qualified experts/managers are highly demanded, it is hardly for most of the companies to send their staffs to the traditional full-time master degree program because it will affect the smooth operation of their daily activities. The establishment of a Professional Master degree program in Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Management (PM-IE&SCM), in which the students still can continue their works at their companies during studying period, is, therefore, believed to help solve the problem. The program has been developed with emphasis on:

- Decision making tools, advanced technologies in industrial engineering and management.

- Skills of competence leaders in high competitive, large-scale, multinational manufacturing enterprises.

- Skills of organizing, planning and developing industrial management system and supplying logistics for companies and enterprises.

The program offers two areas of specializations. Depend on the career path, applicant can choose either Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) or Industrial and Supply Chain Management (ISCM) in which

- IEM: prepares student for management and decision support positions in manufacturing and service industry as well as public sector, by equipping them with a broad range of decision making skills for a variety of applications

- ISCM: equip supply chain managers with up-to-date management and operational skills in order to cope with the fast growing of supply chain systems in the region.

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